How You Can Use Wool Felt to Craft an Awesome Product

SONY DSCBefore shedding light on wool felt, let us learn about felt or felting. The term felt is the name given to a textile that is produced after a process of matting, condensing and pressing of different fibers altogether. There are different types of felt products produced in the industry. Some are made from natural fibers like wool and some from synthetic ones like acrylic. Felts may be divided into various types according to their functions like industrial felts, crafting applications, designer felts and some technical ones as well. Some felts are very soft and used for purposes that require delicacy while others are hard enough to sustain construction processes. Every felt material is described on the basis of a few features that include:

  • Content of fiber in the felt
  • Color of the felt
  • Size and thickness of the felt
  • Density and many other physical factors related to the purpose for which the felt is manufactured.

One very frequently used and common available form of felt is wool felt.

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Decoration Felt – An Awesome Material to Bring a Wow Fact in Your Life

Felt for Decoration:

wool feltThere are different uses of the felt material. It can be used for making paddings and linings or it can be utilized in craft making and as warm fabrics. Decoration felt is a very useful material used in the creation of different types of arts and crafts. Some felts are used in construction while some are employed in musical instruments. There is a wide variety of felt polishing materials also being marketing in the industry. According to the purpose, the felt is produced and used. One such example is the Decoration Felt. Because of the fact that this material can be easily cut into shapes and does not leave out threads hanging from the edges it is most popular for kids crafts and handmade gifts. The decoration felts is a very useful material and is especially used for making Christmas ornaments and decoration items. You can also get such ideas from the internet.

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How to Get and Utilize the Felt Polishing Material


Felt polishing materials are products that are developed and manufactured by designers who conscientiously keep details regarding customer requirements in mind. Felt polishing material that is well designed and produced is acclaimed by most people, because of its corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy, high performance and long working life.

Felt polishing material can be made of compressed wool fibers that are mostly likely to work together with all the compounds. They can also be used for other purposes such as finishing of operations and also can be used to maintain flat surfaces and maintain sharp and flat edges. Felt bobs can be used with a variety of shapes and they are mostly preferred because they are able to get into hard to reach areas. It should be well maintained to ensure that it exists for a longer period and that its owner gets the best out of the material. Felt polishing material can be designed using in house facilities. Some of the features of felt polishing material that are acclaimed by people are high efficiency, low maintenance and rigid construction.  Felt polishing material can be used for all types of surfaces and it is likely to give the client a lasting protection surface.  Felt polishing can be turned into liquid form and it has features similar to gold & silver jewelry and brass.


Along with felt polishing material a polishing brush should be designed and in order for it to work well with the felt polishing material it must be available with bristle fill and brass.  Diamond brushes should also be used with both metal polish and diamond compound. The sourcing of felt polishing material is exclusive and should be acquired from inexpensive sources so that the final product becomes affordable.

What is felt?

felt-materialFelt is a material that is made by condensing, pressing and matting the fibers together. This textile can be made of wool which is natural fiber and acrylic which is synthetic fiber. There are different kinds of felt s for technical, designer, craft and industrial use. Some felt materials are soft while others are rough and are used in construction materials. Felt can differ in terms of color, thickness, size, density, fiber content and some other factors depending on the usage of the material.

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The changes in the process of Felt making

Colored_felt_clothOver the years certain changes have taken place in the making of felt. The felted textile is made by using pressure, moisture and heat to interlock and mat the fibers together. Earlier in the middle age the fur was removed by hand from the hide and hot water and pressure was applied with hands to shrink the fabric together manually. Whereas today machinery is used to do these tasks, but the requirement to make felt remains the same.

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Mitten ornaments made out of felt

Mitten ornaments made out of felt are really easy to make. Mitten ornaments made out of felt are really easy to make. Especially during Christmas time you can hang them on your Christmas tree. First of all make the shape of a mitten on a piece of paper. Then cut it out. Make use of this pattern to cut the top layer of mitten from the felt of wool. Select the design that you want to make out of that mitten, then cut out shapes that are solid from the different colours of wool felt. Put the mitten on the top of the felting brush and arrange the pieces of felt. Use the tools of felting and take the instructions of the manufacturer. Continue adding and layering the pieces of felt on one another till the design is complete. Cut the piece of cuff and try and reach the desired thinckness. Tack the cuff to the top of the mitten with the help of felting needle tool. Place the felting brush on the top of the mitten and save the two layers together.To finish the sewing of mitten use felted balls to the right corner of the cuff using making some embroidery and a large cross-stitch. Add a hanging loop to make it look fancy.