The Manufacturing Process of Felt

SONY DSCAs certain felts are made by a number of different kinds of fiber, the fibers need to be blend together for which the raw fibers are placed inside an opened studded with nails, to make into a mass After blending into a mass the fibers need to be carded. The fibers are matted in a web in the carding machine.

  • Mostly two carding machines are used in the process, to refine the web.
  • After carding is done, the carded web is removed by a comb. The web can be removed by two types, either by a cross lapper or by a vlamir.
  • Then the webs are joined together to make a thick web, and layered on one another.
  • The separate batts are matted and shrunk in width and length, to make a dense felt.
  • Next the batts are put into fulling machine that shrinks the material in a specific measurement.
  • The wet felt is run through a neutralizing tank to remove the residue of sulfuric acid.
  • The material is heavily rolled over for the last time to remove all regularities.
  • The felt is then dried in a spinner and the excess water is removed.
  • Finally the felt is kept on gaging table and the edges are neatly trimmed. The felt is ready to be dispatched now.

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