What is felt?

felt-materialFelt is a material that is made by condensing, pressing and matting the fibers together. This textile can be made of wool which is natural fiber and acrylic which is synthetic fiber. There are different kinds of felt s for technical, designer, craft and industrial use. Some felt materials are soft while others are rough and are used in construction materials. Felt can differ in terms of color, thickness, size, density, fiber content and some other factors depending on the usage of the material.

Many cultures have claimed that felt making has originated from their legends. Sumerian legends have said that the discovery of felt making was done by Urnamman of Lagash. There is a story of the discovery of felt that Saint Christopher and Saint Clement were running from persecution, so to prevent blisters they wrapped their sandals with wool. When their journey ended they found out that the wool had turned into felt due to the sweat and the movement of the sandals in the wool.

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