How You Can Use Wool Felt to Craft an Awesome Product

SONY DSCBefore shedding light on wool felt, let us learn about felt or felting. The term felt is the name given to a textile that is produced after a process of matting, condensing and pressing of different fibers altogether. There are different types of felt products produced in the industry. Some are made from natural fibers like wool and some from synthetic ones like acrylic. Felts may be divided into various types according to their functions like industrial felts, crafting applications, designer felts and some technical ones as well. Some felts are very soft and used for purposes that require delicacy while others are hard enough to sustain construction processes. Every felt material is described on the basis of a few features that include:

  • Content of fiber in the felt
  • Color of the felt
  • Size and thickness of the felt
  • Density and many other physical factors related to the purpose for which the felt is manufactured.

One very frequently used and common available form of felt is wool felt.

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