The Raw Material and Uses of Felt

Wool_samples_2Felt is made from wool, whose fiber mats and grips very conveniently along with a synthetic fiber which will give the felt longevity and resilience. Most of the times felt are made with a combination of wool and polyester or nylon and wool. Synthetic fibers cannot be felted by themselves, the synthetic material is required to combine with wool in order to make felt.

Other raw materials are utilized in the process of producing wool along with steam, during the step when the material is minimized in length and width and is made thick. A weak mixture of sulfuric acid is also used in the process of making the material thick. Soda ash also known as sodium chloride is used to neutralize the effect of sulfuric acid.

Use of felt

The usage of felt has increase over the years. It is used in various sorts of craft projects. Felt is considered easy to use for the children by the teachers. Felt is used in cars and production machinery too.

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