Felt as eco-friendly sealing

felt-rolsCurrently the sealing industry produces not only resistant materials, but they focus on environmental impact as well.


Conventional material proven by time

The market offers a wide range of sealing products which can be easily modified and reshaped, therefore they suit perfectly for their specific usage. However, the only product that is an answer for the question of sustainability is wool felt. Wool felt belongs to the oldest fabric materials which are used in different industries.


The manufacturing process itself is based on wet felting, when water is applied to layers and by repeated compression the layers are hooked together in single piece of fabric. As a result, wool felt does not contain chemicals, does not release any toxic gases, moreover it is chemically resistant and renewable.


The recycling process

Not only the wool felt can be made from recycle fibres, but it is able to decompose. Thus it is not harmful to environment and it contributes to Mother Nature protecting flora and fauna. Due to its structure, compared to another sealings, felt cuts with a clean edge, it can be cut to each and every size and shape, or thickness. You can cut the smallest pieces from it. Thanks to elasticity, it limits waste material which makes it an environmentally friendly resource.


Green water and flame proof

One of the main characteristics of a quality sealing is its resistance. For example, vinyl sealing withstands only 70°C, whereas wool felt stands 600°C. It can be exposed to weather when used as roofing insulation to prevent leaks. Instead of tar paper, which is impregnated with asphalt and coal, you can use more natural source for your home.


Refima offers organic products that are a modern choice for your industry, where economical meets environmental.


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